Business Advisory Council 

In January of 2018 the Development Committee established the first MWCDC Business Advisory Council. This council consisted of 10 prominent Businesses and the objective of the Council is to work with the MWCDC Development Committee on establishing best practices for promoting and strengthening the Mount Washington business community. One goal of this council is to bring business owners closer to the residents and establish personal relationships.

The council recommended a program to get the business owners in front of the public. This was accomplished by having a business owner speak at our monthly community forum. This has had a very good impact because the public benefits from knowing the services the business provides but also hears how the business owners support various programs in the community.

The council was asked to evaluate the benefit of Expo 18 and determine if the function should be carried on as a yearly event. The council determined that the amount of work required to have the Expo was significant but did not believe the benefit to the community justified the effort. The Development Committee presented the findings to the MWCDC Board and future Expos were canceled.

The council also suggested having some type of flyer circulated to the public highlighting three things residents should know about each business. The Development Committee designed a “Business in the Spotlight” flyer and distributes it via E-blast to all MWCDC members; post it on three Mount Washington Facebook pages and displays it in the bulletin board on Shiloh St.

The Business Advisory Council has proven to be an asset in recommending good ways to improving the communications and perception of the business community.

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