Board Elections 2017

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Every October MWCDC members hold elections for our Board of Directors. On October 19, 2017 we will be electing new Board members.

Responsibilities of Board Members
Board candidates who are successful in the election are responsible for attending monthly Board meetings, bi-monthly Committee meetings and monthly Community Forum meetings; and should expect to spend an average of 10 hours every month on MWCDC business. Board members of a non-profit organization are responsible for ensuring adequate financial resources; protecting assets and providing proper financial oversight; building a capable board; ensuring legal and ethical integrity; enhancing the organization’s public standing; determining mission and purpose; selecting the chief executive; supporting and evaluating the chief executive; ensuring effective planning; monitoring and strengthening programs and services. All MWCDC Board members are required to sign a Code of Conduct, Ethics Statement and a Conflict of Interest / Disclosure Statement.

Board Nomination Process
As described above, one of the MWCDC Board’s roles is to build a capable Board. The MWCDC is interested in and committed to building an inclusive and diverse Board from candidates who possess different types of professional and personal backgrounds and who embody the gender, racial/ethnic, economic, social, age and religious diversity of the Mount Washington and Duquesne Heights communities. As a result, the MWCDC Board has established the following criteria for an individual to be considered for the open Board positions:

  1. Candidates must reside, own property or own a business in the 15211 zip code;
  2. Candidates must be at least 18 years old by the time of elections;
  3. Candidates must be a member of the MWCDC by Thursday, September 14, 2017;
  4. Candidates must have access to and use email for Board communications;
  5. Candidates with experiences or a background in community planning, real estate development, fundraising, public safety, non-profit accounting or who have experience partnering with universities will be highly sought;
  6. Candidates who are business owners in the 15211 zip code will also be highly sought; and
  7. Candidates who have shown a commitment to Mount Washington and Duquesne Heights by being involved with, passionate about and aware of community happenings and programs are particularly encouraged to apply.

In order to fulfill the Board’s role in building a capable Board, the MWCDC, as is true of most non-profits, has a nominating committee. Ours is made up of two Board Members and a Member in good standing. All candidates who submit a resume and a statement about why they would like to be a board member (one page maximum) to the MWCDC by 4 PM on Friday, August 8, 2017 will be considered as potential candidates by the MWCDC’s nominating committee.

The Nominating Committee will conduct interviews with candidates prior to the September 7th MWCDC Board Meeting and put forward the names of those candidates who best fit the criteria laid out above. Board Nominated Candidates will present their views and backgrounds at our Thursday, September 21 Community Forum. Elections will be held on Thursday, October 19, 2017.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to Josh Whiteside via email at